The tree gets replanted

| Chris Warden

On a recent trip to visit the Garden of the Provinces and Territories, located at the west end of Sparks Street, I noticed Norman Slater’s Tree was uprooted from its fountain location on the lower terrace and was a bit worried.  I am happy to report that the tree has been polished to reveal the underlying metal, that appears to be stainless steel.

Norman Slater's Tree Fountain has its tree again

Norman Slater’s Tree Fountain has its tree again

It was great to see the sculpture back in place and the fountain functional once again.  While the tree is a great work of art on its own, with the water is running it takes on an entirely new dimension.  As the water cascades from the top down from metallic leaf to metallic leaf the leaves vibrate under the weight of the water movement behaving, well like leaves do.

For those interested, I highly recommend checking on the replanted tree.

More images are available in the Capital Modern Flickr pool here

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