Defining Modern

To frame the content of the web site it is necessary to propose a definition the term “Modern” within an architectural context.  This definition in turn provides a basis to select works for the site.

Modern Works will be generally drawn from works constructed during the years of 1945-1975.  This period covers the time from the end of the Second World War to Canada’s Centennial and its echo.  In rare instances works outside of this period may be featured if they feature tenets of design and cultural expression found during this period.

Modern architecture is an important representation of a critical period in Canada’s development and by extension its National Capital region.

Modern architecture within this period is demonstrated through aesthetics, spatial definition, design approach and larger cultural connections and as such the definition of “Modern” remains malleable.  There is however a clear differentiation between those places grounded in the theoretical underpinning of Modernism and others that merely employ a “modern” style; both will be featured here.