Capital Modern was originally conceived, designed and constructed by Chris Warden and continues to be maintained by Chris.  He is an intern architect in Ottawa and a Senior Associate with MTBA Associates Inc. Chris has aninterest in modern architecture and a concern with the lack of value that is typically attributed to buildings and site from this period in Ottawa’s growth as a city.  Ottawa is a modern city.

This site is meant to fit into the growing attention this period is receiving and to provide a wide audience with the opportunity to consider and/or reconsider works from this period.  It is important that to give consideration to the following items in relation to this period including:

  • the architectural/design value of a work;
  • the local, national & international cultural context that is embodied within the work;
  • the relationship with a physical context;
  • range of scales, types and quality;
  • the physical resource and its embodied energy;
  • how works have/have not evolved and adapted over time.

All of these goals are connected to the larger goal of looking at the potential role Modern Works can play in the future.  This site is intended to provide insight beyond simple categorizations including whether a Work is good or bad.  Each Work provides an opportunity for learning, even from what may currently be perceived as mistakes.

Additionally, this site will look at how Modern Works evolve, responding to changing demands and a desire to remain relevant.  The only way Works survive is through change, be it physical,  to a larger context or cultural.  Each change requires due consideration of where a work’s value lies in order to go forward.  Ideally the discussions and documents on this site will contribute to this consideration.

In the future the following pages are planned to be added to the about section:

  • role of Modern Works in the region
  • Modern Works and Canada’s Centennial
  • National Capital region
  • site organization